Donegal Tweed Suits

Donegal Tweed Suits

Popular among the Scottish men, the tweed has undergone a lot of change. Donegal Tweed suits have these bright colored flecks splattered all along the surface giving the suits a distinct darker color. They are available at UK Tweed Jackets in gray, green, fawn, and brown for you to pick from for formal and special days in winter or in spring.

Try to go out in Donegal Tweed from UK Tweed Jackets with central vents, side vents or even with no vent options. The trousers come in 100% pure wool and they also get side slanting pockets for casual approach that the wearer might wish to have. The waistcoat gets the rear buckle adjustment option and gives the appearance of a traditional formally dressed gentleman.

Styling and Maintaining Donegal Tweed Suits:

  • The brown and gray ones in Donegal Tweed suit range are perfect for boardroom meetings and for any heavy-duty professional approach.
  • The blue suit is striking for a formal business party and event where you want to strike the chord.
  • We have Donegal tweed suits in 100% wool, and in blends of rayon and wool.

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