Estate Tweed Suits

Estate Tweed Suits

Tweed used in Estate Tweed Suits ideally began as a Scottish fabric that was hand woven and suitable to keep the people warm in the cool vales of Scotland. Today, it is internationally famous for being the most stylish. The warm fabric is not bulky and still renders warmth to the body.

Famous celebrities around the world who need to flaunt their love for style look for Estate Tweeds. UK Tweed Jackets also possess a large collection of some of the smartest suits for men who care for grace and bring in personality to the house too.

Estate tweed suits are not just for formal occasions, but are perfect as smart casuals and at occasions when one does not need to be overbearing. The suits go beyond the old patterns of just coming in white, black, and red lines.

Styling and Maintaining Estate Tweed Suits:

  • The Estate Tweeds are warm and require little maintenance.
  • Try going for different buttoning options from UK Tweed Jackets
  • Try pairing these suits alone with formal trousers or even chinos to give a casual look to the outfit.

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