Mens Shetland Tweed Waistcoats & Vest UK

£95.00 £80.00


Mens Shetland Tweed Waistcoats & Vest UK

£95.00 £80.00

Mens Shetland Tweed Waistcoats & Vest

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 Mens Shetland Tweed Waistcoats & Vest UK

Shetland Tweed Waistcoats Pure New Wool Hand Made By Tweed Jackets Leeds UK. 360 grams (14 Oz)

Traditional Style Waistcoats
Twin Front Pockets 
5 Button Front Fastening
Rear Buckle Adjustment
Made In Britain

Sizes 34″ to 50″ chest

Shetland Tweeds Available: (Click To Enlarge)

PS350-2004-3 Vintage Grey Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS350-2004-5-Light Vintage Grey Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS350-2004-3 Vintage Grey PS350-2004-5-Light Vintage Grey
PS350-2004-8 Light Grey Mix Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS350-2004-10 Coffee Bean Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS350-2004-8 Light Grey Mix PS350-2004-10 Coffee Bean
PS350-2004-14 Light Natural Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS350-2004-30 Deep Forest Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS350-2004-14 Light Natural PS350-2004-30 Deep Forest
PS350-2004-31 Dark Spruce Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS350-2004-37 Damson Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS350-2004-31 Dark Spruce PS350-2004-37 Damson
PS350-2004-39 Dark Grape Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS350-2004-40 Light Grape Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS350-2004-39 Dark Grape PS350-2004-40 Light Grape
PS350-2004-41 Loganberry Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS350-2004-44 Steel Blue Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS350-2004-41 Loganberry PS350-2004-44 Steel Blue
PS350-2004-71 Dark Grey Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS350-2004-91 Black White Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS350-2004-71 Dark Grey PS350-2004-91 Black White
PS350-2004-121 Natural Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS350-2004-151 Country Brown Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS350-2004-121 Natural PS350-2004-151 Country Brown
PS350-2004-241 Tan Brown Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS350-2004-331 Green Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS350-2004-241 Tan Brown PS350-2004-331 Green
PS350-2004-431 Denim Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-01 Light Grey Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS350-2004-431 Denim PS370-2002-01 Light Grey
PS370-2002-02 Mid Grey Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-03 Dark Grey Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-02 Mid Grey PS370-2002-03 Dark Grey
PS370-2002-06 Natural Grey Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-07 Vintage Grey Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-06 Natural Grey  PS370-2002-07 Vintage Grey
PS370-2002-10 Hazelnut Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-12 Dark Oatmeal Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-10 HazelnutPS370-2002-12 Dark Oatmeal 
PS370-2002-15 Pewter Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-16 Dark Brown Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-15 Pewter PS370-2002-16 Dark Brown
PS370-2002-17 Dark Brown Mix Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-18 Mid Brown Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-17 Dark Brown Mix PS370-2002-18 Mid Brown
PS370-2002-21 Camel Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-25 Country Brown Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-21 Camel PS370-2002-25 Country Brown
PS370-2002-26 Mid Brown Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-28 Dark Green Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-26 Mid Brown PS370-2002-28 Dark Green
PS370-2002-33 Deep Forest Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-38 Vintage Green Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-33 Deep Forest PS370-2002-38 Vintage Green
PS370-2002-43 Forest Mix Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-45 Light Green Shetland Tweed Jacket
 PS370-2002-43 Forest Mix PS370-2002-45 Light Green Shetland
PS370-2002-46 Moss Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-49 Dark Blue Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-46 Moss PS370-2002-49 Dark Blue
PS370-2002-49 Dark Blue Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-51 Insignia Blue Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-50 Light Blue
 PS370-2002-51 Insignia Blue
PS370-2002-54 Burnt Orange Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-57 Blue Steel Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-54 Burnt Orange PS370-2002-57 Blue Steel
PS370-2002-66 Warm Red Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-74 Chambray Blue Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-66 Warm Red PS370-2002-74 Chambray Blue
PS370-2002-77 Peppermint Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS370-2002-79 Light Fuchsia Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-77 Peppermint PS370-2002-79 Light Fuchsia
PS370-2002-81 Raspberry Wine Shetland Tweed WaistcoatsPS350-2004-08 Charcoal Shetland Tweed Waistcoats
 PS370-2002-81 Raspberry Wine PS350-2004-08 Charcoal

Shetland Tweed Waistcoatss is made from wool from Shetland sheep which is a small, wool-producing breed of sheep originating in the Shetland Isles, but now also kept in many other parts of the world.

Made to Order/Commissioned items,
Please note that all measurements must be taken as final.

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Weight1 kg
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